Be a Leader with
Application Modeller

Avoidance of mistakes caused by human error

A predictable and consistent configuration pipeline

A reduction in production delays and time-consuming processes

Impressive return on investment

Improved compliance and accountability

Gain control ahead of MiFID II and ensure your team is ready for the changes.

Detailed visibility into who made changes, what the changes were, and when the action took place

Agile change management and team coordination

Application Modeller
Harness change to your advantage

Prevent human error, production incidents and unforeseen complications

Solve common application configuration challenges

Work faster with a simple, intuitive and accurate solution

Guarantee greater control across any configuration file format or operating system

Reduce production delays and time consuming manual processes

Deliver agile change management through real-time feedback

Ensure that audit requirements are met through the principle of Authentication, Authorisation and Accountability

Accelerate time to market and enable staff to focus on strategic projects

By 2018, 50% of global enterprises will implement application release automation as part of a DevOps initiative, up from less than 10% today.


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Case Study
"We love how Application Modeller can be used without needing any specialist scripting knowledge."
"It’s extremely easy to use and it has dramatically improved how our teams work together."
Failure is not an option

Prevent financial loss, reputational damage and regulator fines with Application Modeller, the simplest yet most accurate way to manage configuration changes with minimal risk.

“Software failures result in financial losses.” (Knight Capital lost $440m in 30 minutes)

“Software failures result in reputation damages.” (NYSE & Bloomberg)

“Software failures result in being fined by regulators.” (RBS fined for £56m)

“51% of technology failures relate to software. In Financial Services 28% of the failures happened because IT did not behave as expected.”

“Risk of failures are because of IT complexity, regulatory pressure and non-compliance, and inability to cope with rapidly changing technology.”

About Us

DynamicIQ’s founders each has over 20 years’ experience in the highly regulated sector of financial services. Our software product, Application Modeller, has everything you need to automate your application configuration.