Application Modeller

Application Modeller
Everything you need to prevent your software from failing

By creating an abstract model of the application and the environments and by defining templates, Application Modeller automatically builds, maintains and delivers application configuration.

Application Modeller offers automation, standardisation and transparency in the release management process. It provides an innovative way to manage configuration and environments via an Integrated Configuration Environment with a modeller, a template editor, a configuration generator and real-time feedback.

Integrated Configuration


Our GUI is designed to mask the complexity of managing your configurations making it easier to perform changes. You will be able to manage your configuration like you will do with an IDE for your development.

Application Modeller resolves changes and checks for errors in real time providing immediate feedback in the GUI, helping you identify and resolve issues as early as possible in your process.

Resilient and Scalable


Our solution is designed with resiliency and scalability in mind. We use standard technologies to achieve this quickly and efficiently.

The industry standard Database enforces strong referential integrity with transactional operations. It provides a central store of our optimised model and templates.

The Resolution Engine gives us an efficient, fast and responsive way to track and resolve dependencies.

Optimised Model

Our Optimised Model was designed from the ground up to represent the data types necessary for modelling applications and their configuration.

The carefully tuned design includes advanced dependency tracking logic to quickly and reliably identify dependencies of changes and cascade the necessary re-evaluations.

Rich Parametrisation

Our Rich Parametrisation takes the idea of parameter substitution to a whole new level, enabling control and flow logic natively from within templates.

This makes it easy for you to add for loops, if statements, recursion and more in your templates opening up powerful options for rich templates with more control and flexibility than has been previously possible.